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Review: Why new Ukraine documentary film Maïdan is right to resist the voiceover

  I was asked to review Sergei Loznitsa’s 2014 documentary film Maïdan for Radio 4’s Front Row programme earlier this week. You can listen to the review, in the form of a stimulating conversation with presenter Samira Ahmed, here.   A year on from the massacre of Maidan protestors by president Viktor Yanukovich’s berkut officers,…

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“Paddy? What a fantastic death abyss!” Why the 1990s were David Bowie’s REAL creative hot streak

    My revisionist piece on the David Bowie’s least-known (but most creatively rewarding) purple patch was published in Sabotage Times today, just as the world hailed his latest offering.   I argue that his lost years – Tin Machine, Black Tie White Noise, 1.Outside, Earthling, even The Buddha of Suburbia and his revelatory, manic…

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