‘We Are All Targets is published 10th January in the US/Canada – pre-order now

14th December 2022 Off By mattpotterthewriter

My new non-fiction book, We Are All Targets: How Renegade Hackers Invented Cyber War And Unleashed An Age Of Global Chaos is published by Hachette US on January 10th in the US and Canada, and March 14th by Silvertail in the UK and elsewhere.

About the book

It’s billed as, “The incredible untold origin story of cyberwar and the hackers who unleashed it on the world, tracing their journey from the ashes of the Cold War to the criminal underworld, governments, and even Silicon Valley.” But don’t take my (or my publisher’s) word for it. Here are some of the pre-publication reviews it’s getting.

“A deeply revealing exposé disguised as a spy-thriller, We Are All Targets pulls off that unique combination only the best narrative journalism does – it informs, educates, excites and entertains. It also terrifies.”

Jeffrey E. Stern, author of The Last Thousand, co-author of The 15:17 to Paris.

“Instead of perpetual peace the internet has ushered in a new, total, transnational state of digital war that is far from virtual. This is an unputdownable travelogue into its darkest trenches.” 

Peter Pomerantsev, author of This Is Not Propaganda and Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible.

“Gonzo journalist and habitual trouble-magnet Matt Potter takes us on an engaging, groundbreaking and alarming tour of the new virtual world. He’s right that if we had only been paying attention to the hacker underworlds emerging in Eastern Europe twenty years ago, we would have been better prepared.”

Mark Galeotti, author of The Weaponisation of Everything and We Need To Talk About Putin.

“This fascinating book tells the story of hacking, cybercrime, and cyberwar from a time before most of the world knew it was happening. You will find it hard to put down this captivating account of a hidden history that has a huge impact on our lives today.”

Jessica Barker, co-CEO of Cygenta and global security keynote speaker

Get the book

You’ll be able to buy it from good bookshops, pre-order it from Hachette US or pre-order from Amazon in the USA/Canada, or pre-order elsewhere.