Today, I received the most chilling warning of all…

19th December 2010 Off By mattpotterthewriter

I thought – pace previous post – that I had all the ambush angles covered. But today, a conversation with one publishing insider made me think again. Apparently, by writing a book that includes crime, aircraft and the military in its rubric, I’m guaranteed to enrage three of the universally feared Big Five Families. Of nerds. “The only thing you could possibly do to attract more vitriol is to include steam trains or a cult science fiction (not ‘Sci-Fi’, the nerds hate that) into the narrative,” laughed the publisher. Gunrunners and lobbyists? Meh. Buffs puffed up with outrage about a missing engine flange widget screw serial thing? Those are enemies nobody wants.

But then, I don’t know that I should be telling you any of this. After all: how do I know you’re not one of THEM?