‘Outlaws Inc.’ to appear in abridged form in Reader’s Digest editions worldwide

24th June 2012 Off By mattpotterthewriter

This autumn’s worldwide editions of legendary book-sampler The Reader’s Digest will see Matt’s latest book ‘Outlaws Inc.’ published in abridged form in a further 16 languages.


They will complement the full UK/Commonwealth, US, German, Italian, Finnish and Romanian editions currently published, while in the UK, the updated mass-market paperback edition currently on the shelves contains two chapters’ worth of new material written after the Merchant of Death trial and the Wikileaks case – all material that could not legally be published as the first editions went to press.


The abridged versions were prepared with Matt’s full co-operation, and give a good overview of the book’s main points, introducing the characters and their lives. We’ll be posting a taster here in the near future.