Oliver Stone and me: unfinished drinking business

3rd February 2011 Off By mattpotterthewriter

I chatted to legendary director Oliver Stone back in 2003 for a great little magazine called Jack that I worked on. He was making his Fidel Castro documentary Comandante, and was, as I remember, a great guy. Someone once told me that talking to Stone would be “like talking to 20 different people at once, all of them highly intelligent, but all interested in completely different things”. Well, it was a bit like that. But more fun. As the interview went on, and much against the repeated protestations of a very anxious man called Brad whom I took to be his PA, Stone got more and more into our chat. We had a hoot, in short, and he ended up asking, in an odd (endearingly odd) approximation of a Brit accent if I fancied “hooking up for a pint in one of your pubs” when he next came over to London. Anyway, for this piece I got to quiz him about the people he’d worked with who’d left big impressions, from Castro himself to The Doors. And now, thanks to the new online mag from Jack‘s old supremo James Brown – a great little thing called Sabotage Times – the piece has been republished. I post it here just because it carries fond memories for me. Hope you like it. Mr Stone? Your round, please.

Stone with Castro in Comandante